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Synergy Spotlight


New Faces at Synergy! Learn a bit about three new Synergy team members spotlighted here. Laura is a Las Vegas native with extensive experience in the hospitality industry, beginning her career in corporate housing in 1985. She  held escalating positions…

International Corporate Housing : An Infographic

Global Insights

UK based magazine Re:locate recently published an article online about how serviced apartments – what Europe and most countries outside the US refer to as their fully furnished apartments – drive savings for corporate stays over hotels. Now this may…

Rincon Green Grand Opening


We had showed you a peek inside the grand opening of the gorgeous new building, Rincon Green with our Facebook photo last week. Edwin Lee, the Mayor of San Francisco, was a vital part in the completion of Rincon Green,…

Can I Do Anything Extra for You Today?

Global Insights

And we are back! After an extended Christmas vacation from our blog, we are back at it and it feels good. I’d like to share an email our Executive VP of Global Relations, Rob McDaniel, sent out to the staff…



From left to right: New GladPAD bed @ the WaterMarke Tower, Piece of Retro Art in PAD LA, Standard Metro Package, GlamPAD Living Room – notice the “Moon Chair”, Retro Modern Clock in the new GlamPAD, Metro Package Bedroom, PAD…

Potrero Launch Party


On Thursday, October 25 Synergy celebrated the public unveiling of our new website and mobile application, as well as showed off one of our apartments at the new exclusive property Potrero Launch in San Francisco. After months of hard work,…