Live. Work. Play. Providing Flexibility and Convenience for Your Changing Temporary Accommodation Needs.

For most of us, the reality that exists beyond the frame of our Zoom cameras is a mash-up of spousal internet bandwidth wars, dog barking symphonies, a serious dependency on pajama bottoms, lame virtual happy hours, child education, and an obliterated sense of home.

But for some like Gretchen Goldman, Research Director for the Center for Science and Democracy, multiply that reality by ten. Her viral tweet showcases the great lengths some professionals must go through to ensure real-life doesn’t invade the curb-appeal of their professional identities.

It must be noted: The entire Synergy team applauds every parent battling their way through COVID-19 one day at a time. Your grace, dignity, and resilience are admirable and inspiring. You are true champions.

Sadly, her pandemic reality—a mind-boggling level of chaos—is testing the very practicality of an accomplished and important professional career.

Nowadays, professionals must answer a call to produce regardless of the challenging, bewildering, and sometimes painful toll it requires.

One, three… maybe even six months of a socially distant, mask-wearing, virtual reality circus was possible. But without an end in sight, it now feels like we are in the middle of the ocean struggling to stay afloat hoping for a lifeline.  

This is SynergyWork.

The good thing is, Synergy has a 20-year history of providing innovative lifelines answering the needs of busy working professionals.

We asked… What could we offer professionals who need a safe and reliable environment to produce? How could we foster an environment where the inspiring leaders of tomorrow don’t have to question the feasibility of their careers? How can we make a solution make sense to corporations on the verge of losing talent?

What do they need?

What would they want?

Then, as if struck by a stroke of Beautiful Mind genius, the solution appeared on a conference room whiteboard flashing brighter than a Las Vegas Billboard.

What if we could build alternative, dedicated workspaces for individuals or corporations looking to efficiently work remotely while remaining safe and productive—all in the comfort and convenience of our world-class serviced accommodations.

Click the image and take a 3D Tour of SynergyWork

This is SynergyWork.

SynergyWork ties all the luxury and ease of our traditional serviced apartment products and services with the added benefit of a custom #WFH setup. It features functional home and office configurations with a wide variety of custom furniture and hardware options.

These redesigned units help working parents, wanderlust young professional, and c-suite executives build their ideal live/workspace to the exact spec of their demanding careers.

Design Features:

  • Functional office configurations
  • Convenience Services—à la carte added value options
  • 2 & 3 Room Work-Suites Available
  • Custom work environments
  • High-top tables
  • Executive desks
  • Whiteboards
  • WIFI speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Printer services
  • Modular furnishings

SynergyWork aims to answer the evolving needs of today’s professionals and corporations.

COVID-19 not only reset global travel and mobility needs, standards, and expectations, it accelerated the viability of a complete virtual business landscape. Large international corporations fast-tracked remote work policy and virtual connectivity infrastructures. Everything feasible, from school to sporting events to happy hours, went online, and virtual. With this new normal, the business community shed a legacy worldview of large corporate campuses, commute times, and in-person meetings. And in doing so, embraced a less delineated work/life balance for a more nuanced, flexible, inclusive way of life. (At least for those fortunate souls who don’t have small children.)

SynergyWork aims to provide optionality and flexibility in a world cornered by a physically distant and roaming work culture.

Gone are the days of the 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule. Emerging in its place is an adaptive, results-based work society where production is valued over time spent on the clock. A society where knowledge professionals must grapple with boundary busting, all-inclusive schedules packed tighter than a pre-pandemic NYC subway. A society brimming with wanderlust souls, hung-over from city congestion and smog choked commutes. If a professional can roll out of bed, plug-in, prep dinner, and do a load of laundry all the while being highly productive (remember, it isn’t time on the clock, it’s results) in a property chalked full of resort style amenities in a place worthy of the word experience—all mere steps from the front door—why not?!

Highly personalized work solutions that not only alleviate the abrasion but highlight the benefits of an ever-connected workforce, solutions that level-up to meet the needs of today’s professional, will contribute to the healthy evolution of today’s changing business landscape. Those who resist, run the risk of not only alienating their workforce, but the viability of their value proposition.

But most of all, SynergyWork aims to make remote work-life possible for both the professional and the corporation in the ever-changing, encroaching impossibility of today’s professional climate.

This shift has placed a heavy burden on professionals and corporations looking to remain competitive. Most notably, a new front has emerged in the talent war. Key-talent is looking for corporations to double-down on intangible incentives (e.g., remote work setup stipends, adaptive schedules, salary/tax-breaks, etc.), all the while fostering a respect for a more diverse, respectable, and modern workforce identity.

How corporations adapt, remain agile, progressive, and in front of this evolving needs requires strong innovative partnerships and solutions. This is where Synergy believes, cutting-edge offerings that foster flexible, diverse optionality will win the day and solve for the business case present in today’s new normal. 

This is the solution to our new normal. A re-engineered professional society.

SynergyWork—the all-encompassing answer to the #WFH future staring us in the face.