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Thought leadership articles.

Corporate Housing Needs a Trust Fall Exercise.


Six Questions Buyers Should Ask their Corporate Housing Providers Have you ever done one? Closed your eyes, crossed your arms, and leaned backward. It’s a funny thing, a trust fall. The numerous details to consider in the person catching you,…

A Supplier Guide to the New Galaxy of Mobility


If you attended the 2021 Bay Area Mobility Management (BAMM) Conference, it was apparent this year’s content unofficial theme centered on how the industry is/could/should/will (most importantly!) adapt to the changes ushered in by the pandemic. From tax implications to…

Defining the Meaning of Home in a Mobile World


Home is a loaded concept. It is emotive, sensual, and nostalgic. It’s transcendent. And yet, the concept of “home” is forever versatile. It carries the power to be different things to different people across different time horizons. On its most…

The Nine Signs You Need A Bridge Lease

Global Insights, Leadership

There is no better way to ride out housing situation uncertainty than in the comfort and convenience of a bridge lease. Or, in other words, a short-term (often month-to-month), flexible housing lease option where your needs (not the landlord’s needs) determine the length of stay.

The Power of Hospitality


Have you ever been touched by hospitality? By the feeling of being taken care of? By the feeling that someone gets you? Like they can see into your thoughts and exactly predict what you need in that very moment to feel cared for?