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Thought leadership articles.

Data Privacy: A Full Contact Sport


By Mitch Christian, Information Security and Infrastructure Officer—CCIP-CSIM Did you know that 45.6% of websites use cookies to track your web activity? And 83% of Americans report seeing targeted ads due to those cookies. That’s not all, 82% of web…

Despite Challenges, Optimism Reigns


In many aspects of life, growth requires stress. Fruiting flowers, muscle development, learning a new language… you name it; if one is to grow, stress is vital to that change. The business travel and mobility industries have lived in a…

Synergy to Launch Innovation Lab

Announcements, Leadership

-Introducing REVE; Exploring the Intersection of Hospitality and Technology San Ramon, CALIF. (June 7, 2021) Today, Synergy Global Housing (Synergy), a global leader in serviced accommodations, along with its two founding partners, Jack Jensky and Henry Luebbert, announced the launch…

When We Care, It’s Only Natural to Go Too Far


By Craig Partin Watching a baby learn to walk is nerve-racking. Those first wobbly steps followed by the gyrating hips, flailing arms, and of course, the big bulbous eyes darting about the room; it doesn’t matter who you are; there…