Mack, who recently stepped down as VP of Global Supply Chain, will develop, define and drive Synergy’s DE&I ethos to ensure diversity principles are engrained throughout the organization

Synergy is proud to announce long-time serviced accommodation industry steward and communication expert Joan McCarthy Mack will serve as its Chief Diversity Officer.

Mack, who recently capped an illustrious career in the business travel and mobility industries with her second Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) Individual of the Year Award, stepped away from her full-time responsibilities as the VP of Global Supply Chain in early January of this year.

Joan McCarthy Mack, Chief Diversity Officer

“While discussing my succession and retirement plans with Synergy’s co-founders Jack (Jensky) and Henry (Luebbert), I shared my goal to stay close to the organization in whatever capacity they deemed appropriate given my skill set,” said Mack. “Henry noted the importance of developing Synergy’s overall DE&I program and philosophy to ensure Synergy’s future is built inclusive of diverse experience, perspectives and cultures and thought my background and personal history made me a perfect candidate for the role. And anyone who knows Henry understands he’s nearly impossible to say no to—the rest is history.”

Mack’s deep industry knowledge and impressive track record for building programs throughout her career, coupled with her leadership and training skills—along with her experience as an adjunct communications professor—all combine to make her the perfect fit to help integrate, expand and elevate Synergy’s DE&I initiatives.

Henry added: “I couldn’t be prouder to announce the appointment of Joan McCarthy Mack as Synergy’s Chief Diversity Officer. Joan’s experience and background as an adjunct professor and industry builder is the exact type of leadership our organization and broader industry partners need to ensure we attract a diverse range of talent to our great industry. Her passion for diversity and education is extremely personal, which I believe makes her the perfect representative to spearhead growth and development on this very important topic throughout the serviced accommodation sector and the broader business travel and mobility industries.”

As a part of her new role, Mack will create Synergy’s DE&I strategy and philosophy and the overall framework of how diverse principles shape the company’s recruitment, leadership, and community relations programs. She will also lead Synergy’s DE&I committee. Launched in 2020, the DE&I committee helps Synergy learn, grow and better represent the diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs represented across its global workforce, partners and communities. In addition, Mack will work alongside other corporate housing industry executives to help develop a tailored internship program and industry masterclass to ensure the future stewards of our industry represent the diverse cultures and demographics of today’s world travelers.

“My goal is to partner with Synergy’s global leaders to develop the foundation of Synergy’s DE&I goals and to identify and structure the program’s philosophy to ensure diversity is integrated across the organization holistically,” said Mack. “I plan to build and then help identify, select and mentor the program’s future leaders.”