164 Global Synergy Suppliers Partners Attended to Give Recognition to 19 Worldwide Award Winners Across 6 Award Categories

An event like none other in the industry, Synergy partners from around the world gathered to help celebrate and recognize outstanding achievement, commitment and contribution to the betterment of Synergy’s supplier partner ecosystem and to serving the Synergy guest at the highest level.

In its inaugural run of show, the Synergies awards were created in the spirit of Synergy’s organizational values of delivering restless, resilient, and remarkable service. The awards sought to honor those special partners that go above and beyond and in doing so elevate the entire global partnership ecosystem by upholding the highest levels of service in support of an exceptional guest and account experience.

Master of Ceremonies and Business Development Manager, Paul Morrow, said it best in his opening remarks, when he compared Synergy’s partnership philosophy to limbs of an organic entity noting how each and every supplier partner plays an essential role in the health and stability of the overall global ecosystem.  

Synergy’s Co-Founder, Henry Luebbert, further illustrated this point when he called to order Synergy’s purpose of delivering familiarity in an unfamiliar world and tied that sentiment back to the organization’s original focus, which was to surround itself with the very best in people and partnerships.

Coming together to deliver a sense of home for hundreds of people fleeing Ukraine… with these powerful words still resonating throughout the audience, outgoing VP of Supply Chain Joan McCarthy Mack touched on the three objectives she sought to achieve when she joined Synergy three years ago. One of those goals being to deepen Synergy’s relationships with its global suppliers. As she notes below, our partners are much more than a database at Synergy.

Even more so, she discusses the desire Synergy made to engage with our supplier network.

As Synergy’s incoming VP of Supply Chain, Michelle Low, notes, Synergy’s partnership ecosystem is delivering incredible results.

An ecosystem is very much interconnected and reliant upon its members’ participation, investment, and collaboration. The health of such an ecosystem is dependent on the united service and oftentimes resiliency of all its participating partners acting in unison to support its overarching purpose. As all those who were able to attend our inaugural Synergies award show, the Synergy supplier partner ecosystem is flourishing, a fact undeniably due to the restless, resilient and remarkable spirit each member brings to the whole.

It is from this humble place we’d like to celebrate and express our esteemed recognition, pride and gratitude to the following partners that took home Synergies awards.

  • The Rockstar—Individual of the Year
    • APAC | Ms. Gloria Tang from Shama Management Limited

A huge congratulations to all of the winners of the 2021 Synergies Global Partner Awards.

To view of a full recording of the event, please visit here.