It is safe to assume, we all probably have common needs in terms of our accommodations. Safety, security, sanitization, shelter, and affordability come to mind.

But what happens to those needs amidst the confusion of a foreign environment? For instance, consider the fog and uncertainty you encounter during a business trip or relocation. For most, the minute they ponder that feeling of ambuguity, an intense craving for the comfort and convenience of home surfaces like a dolphin breaching the surface of the ocean.

We believe life on the road shouldn’t be that different than life at home. In fact, we have an outrageous belief that it should feel natural to have a sense of home while traveling or relocating for business.

Making Life’s Transitions Feel More Natural

Synergy recently recommitted to serving the business traveler. For the last six months, the entire organization participated in a bottom-up brand refresh. Synergy representatives rocking their red-shirts from around the globe and all aspects of the organization shared and helped construct Synergy’s future vision, values, purpose, mission, and creative brand assets. For as the world adjusted to the pandemic, we knew Synergy needed to adapt in kind if we were going to care for and meet the needs of tomorrow’s business traveler.

To create familiarity in an unfamiliar world.

Synergy’s Redefine Purpose

As the organization peeled back Synergy’s layers, one theme continued to surface. Regardless of whether our guests were on the road traveling for a month-long contract or in the middle of a job relocation, when our apartments and service delivered even a small sense of familiarity, “the road” felt less foreign. In some cases, it even began to feel like home.

As we looked back on our 21-year history, the lessons learned, challenges overcome, and solutions provided, we felt compelled to dream. The result of that exercise led us to a simple yet profound place.

We want to join you—the business traveler—on a future business trip and make it feel more like home.

To do so, we focused on our purpose and redefined a new sense of home—one that flexed to different people, experiences, and places. Essentially, we asked home to become a more mobile entity capable of adapting its intrinsic value to the nuance of life on the road.

There is immense heart and soul in the reenergized Synergy brand. Its new ethos matches its new identity. An entity capable of attracting and connecting a diverse, global population.

We hope our invigorated spirit helps us better connect our guests with the endless possibilities of global travel. Together, we’re excited to explore new places and cultures. To embark on new opportunities and experience a globalized community engaged in life, soaking up the atmosphere and flavors of the world.

Whether that is a single college graduate traveling across the United States to start their career in Silicon Valley. Or a family of three moving to Dublin, Ireland, for two years to fulfill a career dream. Or an executive spending a month in Singapore securing funding for her company’s R&D department.

Whoever you are, wherever you may travel, we wanted home on the road to feel natural and organic of its locale combined with the strength, support, and security of a global presence. A place to call home for however long you, the global traveler, needed. All supported by an experience-driven, diversity-inspired, sustainable service mentality.

The reenergized Synergy seeks to make home possible for the global traveler on the road. And while we know it can’t be everything a permanent residence offers, that’s not the goal. Our goal is to provide travelers with a new sense of home within everything Synergy offers—our people, apartments, and services.

Anywhere you travel, trust we can help you get there with a sense of familiarity, a sense of home, together.

Anywhere, together.