Accommodating a large group move in a tight housing market under pandemic restrictions.

The Opportunity

A large-scale Bay Area based surgical device manufacturing and development company required assistance with their global rotational training programs. 

On an annual basis, the company hosts three rotational four-six-week training programs throughout three global regions; Sunnyvale, CA, USA; Atlanta, GA, USA; and Freiburg, Germany. The training programs typically consist of multiple groups of new hires, the company’s future sales, and clinician leaders, to train on and become fluent in the company’s products and services. The program is extremely competitive and requires a high-level of collaboration amongst participants and proctors.

Program Requirements

  • Location Density between 1-2 properties
  • Seamless arrival experience
  • A range of 1 & 2-bedroom apartments
  • An environment fostering team building and camaraderie
  • Apartment(s) near public transportation
  • High walkability and proximity to downtown
  • Guest experience parity amongst all three global locations
  • Safe, secure locations
  • 24/7 guest service

The Challenge

Typically, the company placed each new hire group within one property location dispersed amongst a range of two-bedroom apartments. Given the placement was during COVID-19, each program participant required their own one-bedroom space.

Obstacles Present

  • Available inventory proximity to client headquarters
  • Available inventory proximity to downtown life(e.g., restaurants, local services, and attractions)
  • Recruitment type atmosphere
  • Creating a consistent experience amongst all three global locations
  • Guest arrivals spread out through different times and days
  • Enhanced duty of care requirements due to COVID-19

Synergy Differentiators in Play

The Synergy Solution

Servicing the this account required a strong understanding of the client training program’s purpose and goals. This understanding formed the basis to understand how Synergy’s accommodations could help facilitate those goals and, ultimately, add value to the program. Through his research Synergy Business Development Manager, David Toledo noticed an opportunity to add value to the guest experience via strategic property placements in close proximity to the location’s downtown districts/area.

Personalized arrival video:

  • Created a connection with the client
  • Delivered Synergy’s understanding of the program’s goals
  • Conveyed an understanding of what was at stake for each attendee
  • Confirmed the level of importance placed on the guest experience

To further nurture this value, Mr. Toledo got inside the mind of a training program attendee by personally staying at each Sunnyvale property within the proposal. At each property, he filmed the entire experience highlighting the specific value-adds each property brought to the final proposal.

Mr. Toledo’s action highlights the effort, time, and care Synergy’s associates go to bring highly personal and adaptive housing experiences to Synergy’s client base. This level of service is part of Synergy’s trademark consultative partnership client mentality.

In the final presentation, the Synergy Marketing Team took the footage and created a fun, comprehensive property, apartment, and neighborhood guide emphasizing the value of the property cluster’s location to the guest experience.

The final product showcased the:

  • Apartment and property amenities and their enhanced health and safety protocols
  • Area’s walkability and local attractions (e.g., restaurants, shopping malls, outdoor markets, etc.)
  • Proximity to public transportation
  • Overall commute time to the Intuitive campus

Overall, the video gave the company contacts a firm understanding of how the location could enhance the program’s overall completion rate, foster greater connectivity to their internal culture, and enhance the overall program’s value.

“There are several reasons Synergy was the optimal solution for us. The most impactful have been the high communication, excellent follow up and customer experience. I really feel comfortable knowing who is behind the operations… the entire team has been excellent.”

Client Contact


Synergy successfully challenged the status quo of the company’s incumbent provider with an innovative proposal that highlighted our consultative approach to solving a business need while adding value to the overall employee experience. 

The result was a highly adaptive and custom partnership backed by award-winning guest hospitality and client service. The initial contract started with two USA locations and a Freiburg, Germany locations to follow the same structure of success as those respective programs went live.

Synergy’s Winning Proposal

  • Provided three properties clustered within one block of each other which facilitated program participation and collaboration
  • Each building offered secure access, security cameras, and 24/7 on-site security and staff
  • The property were close to downtown Sunnyvale’s Historic Murphy’s District enhancing the guest experience
  • Adjacent public transportation hub offered quick commute to Intuitive’s campus
  • Dedicated account management team to resolve all service challenges immediately
  • Custom welcome packages for each guest
  • Custom web-based landing pages highlighting property, apartment, and city amenities and attractions
  • Personalized, white-glove, meet & greet services provided each guest with a welcoming, reassuring arrival experience

Specialty Package

  • Care Package
  • Cleaning supply package
  • Housing program webpage
  • Welcome packet & Area guide
  • Video featuring location & check-in
  • Amenities & property map
  • White glove Meet & Greets to ensure guest experience excellence

“Solutions only matter if they add value. I am not looking to answer a need with a product. I am looking to find unique, innovative solutions I can leverage to create an immediate impact and reframe the benchmark of success.”

–David Toledo, Business Development Manager, Synergy Global Housing