Synergy Global Housing was founded in 1999, and two years later we faced our first disaster with guests in New York affected by the terror attacks of September 11th.

Since then, Synergy has responded to several emergency situations over the years. From recent terror attacks in London and Paris to wild fires in Southern California, Synergy is unfortunately becoming accustomed to serving our guests in natural disasters and emergency situations.

This has been the case in recent weeks as several natural disasters have impacted global mobility, and more are expected this week. The entire Florida panhandle is preparing for Hurricane Irma arrival only a week after storms resulted severe flooding in Houston, Texas and Mumbai, India.

We are already in the process of preparing for the effects of Irma, and will keep a close eye on the areas impacted by this storm that has already reached Category 5 status. Ensuring the comfort of our guests – in any situation – is our top priority. When the safety and security of our guests is at stake, this priority becomes exponentially more important. Duty of care is a responsibility Synergy takes extremely seriously.

In Southeast Texas, we reached out to all of our guests staying in the affected areas to ensure their safety and provide any assistance needed in navigating this disaster area. We have also been in contact with our partners in the region, who provided on-the-scene updates on local conditions. Synergy’s Global Solutions Centre in Hyderabad, India has undergone similar steps to confirm the safety and security of our guests, as well as the people of Mumbai and surrounding areas.

Taking care of people isn’t a business responsibility, it’s a moral responsibility. As a hospitality provider, the way we serve all people – customer or not – is central to our entire purpose. In the emergency situations of this past week, Synergy is prepared to respond to any challenge, in any condition, and provide the ultimate housing experience.