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Can you really be duty-bound to care?


Business trips and relocations are stressful. We get it. Considering all the variables to plan, track, and account for, it is no wonder moving—whether for a week, a month, or permanently—is one of the top five most stressful events people…

Is Home Possible on the Road? We Think So.


It is safe to assume, we all probably have common needs in terms of our accommodations. Safety, security, sanitization, shelter, and affordability come to mind. But what happens to those needs amidst the confusion of a foreign environment? For instance,…

The Future of Synergy


It’s no secret, 2020 challenged the globe. It retired truths, humbled industries, and reminded us of how fragile life can be. But through it all, there was one constant we all shared: an element that embodies safety, security, space, and…

Corporate Housing Needs a Trust Fall Exercise.


Six Questions Buyers Should Ask their Corporate Housing Providers Have you ever done one? Closed your eyes, crossed your arms, and leaned backward. It’s a funny thing, a trust fall. The numerous details to consider in the person catching you,…

A Supplier Guide to the New Galaxy of Mobility


If you attended the 2021 Bay Area Mobility Management (BAMM) Conference, it was apparent this year’s content unofficial theme centered on how the industry is/could/should/will (most importantly!) adapt to the changes ushered in by the pandemic. From tax implications to…