With technological advances making data more accessible, analytics-based decision-making has never been easier. Defining a set of statistics and letting an algorithm collect, sort and process the decision-making process is helping businesses find the smartest, most efficient conclusions possible – at least in theory.

With sourcing platforms, the data goes in and the recommendations come out. But how do you know the entered data is accurate or if the recommendations are best for you?

Relying solely on data-driven decision-making algorithms can be a dangerous proposition if the numbers and/or factors used in the calculation aren’t consistent. It can even be misleading when the findings are too narrow and generate misleading recommendations or uninformed decisions.

An example of this within corporate housing is the growing reliance on sourcing platforms for choosing your next short-term furnished apartment. Computer programs can automatically sort through thousands of inventory options based on a variety of data points to identify the most “logical” housing solution. These choices are often presented with side-by-side comparisons, illustrating the cheapest price or apartment in closest proximity to your corporate headquarters, but relying on only a limited number of factors or characteristics when making your next corporate stay reservation can be a risky idea.

Several of these sourcing platforms don’t account for quality or consistency in the options presented. The inventory sourced by these platforms were entered by several different housing providers, each with their own differing standards and service levels. A 30-year-old apartment might be presented side-by-side with a brand new luxury community or recently renovated townhouse, and the support services offered might vary greatly depending on which provider you ended up choosing.

If only a handful of data points are being considered, you might be missing out on what’s really important – the housing experience. Staying with Synergy means you get a comprehensive partner that vets all aspects of a short-term stay, and holds itself to the highest industry standards. We find the best solution possible because we don’t have a limited number of factors to put your housing need into the proper context.

Synergy views itself as a hospitality company, not a corporate housing provider. Our mission is to bring a sense of “home” to travelers – no matter where business takes them. This involves bringing a sense of personalization and individual attention to each and every guest we serve around the world. From one-off requests, such as customized accent walls or made-to-order grocery packs delivered upon arrival, we pride ourselves on working directly with our guests to build a short-term furnished housing stay that meets their individual needs and delivers on our company’s goal “home.”

In an industry known for its cookie-cutter approach, Synergy goes above and beyond to make every member of a relocating family feel welcomed in their new environment, and that’s something that can’t be measured with a computer algorithm or digital dashboard.

If viewing a laundry list of options ranked by price is your only goal, Synergy has a number of value-based options in our Elements portfolio. These apartments were selected as options for our budget-conscious customers looking for exceptional value during they stay.

Price point is an important factor, for sure, but many of our clients need an additional level of services and amenities during their reservation. This is where the value of The Synergy Collection rests. By tiering our diverse inventory portfolio, Synergy can more efficiently provide personal housing options to guests based on their specific needs.

Whether you need an onsite fitness center or concierge services, Synergy has a wide variety of choices to meet your specific set of needs. Working directly with one of our Business Development Managers or Client Services Counselors can help you find the perfect fit the next time you’re looking for short-term furnished accommodations.

For more details on how Synergy can help accommodate your next corporate stay, or to learn more about our Synergy Collection, call us at (925) 807-1155.