Business Development Manager Yimun Stauffer

Synergy Global Housing’s mission to help serve the needs of corporate travel around the world takes us to some pretty exotic locations. That means Synergy’s team members are often put in the same shoes as the assignees and business travelers we serve every day. We learn from our own experiences and apply those lessons to help our clients and guests travel successfully around the globe.

As part of our ongoing series, What’s in the Bag?, we take a peek into Synergy Business Development Manager Yimun Stauffer’s carry-on bag as she explains some of the must-have items she packs to prepares for an overseas trip with her family to Singapore. There are several items Yimun makes sure to include in order to survive the 16-hour flight.


Panda Neck Rest – I packed the neck rest because I am a big sleeper on airplanes. Without that, I would have a sore neck during my entire trip to Singapore. I’m just a good sleeper and I will often sleep for the entire 16-hour flight. My daughter can have trouble sleeping on a flight, so occasionally she will take melatonin. I recommend melatonin for anyone that has trouble sleeping on a flight. I don’t even eat on the airplane. I try to sleep the entire way there.




Adult Coloring Book – I bring this book along for the small chance that I can’t fall asleep. I used to pack a magazine for that situation, but most of the time I wouldn’t need it and save it for my next flight. But most magazines are timely, so if I didn’t read it on one flight it might be out-of-date the next time I needed it. I like to bring coloring books because they are always timely and are a good way to pass the time.




Empty Water Bottle – I don’t typically drink on an airplane. The airline usually gives out water, but they serve it in these tiny, little cups. I always bring an empty bottle and then fill it up with water either at the airport or on the plane. Otherwise, I would just bother the stewardess over and over for more water. I put some sort of Vitamin C booster in my water. Some people wear a mask to prevent getting sick but I think taking some extra Vitamin C is just as effective.




Wet Wipes – 16 hours is a long time to be on a flight. When I wake up from that long of a flight, I don’t feel very fresh. The cabin pressure can make my skin either very dry or very oily, so I use a moisturizing wipe to freshen up before I get off the airplane.




Travel-sized Bottle of Hand Sanitizer – Again, it’s really easy to catch something on a 16-hour flight. Hand sanitizer is another way I protect my immunity. The fact that its travel size is good because I will continue to use the sanitizer throughout my trip. It’s not just something I use for the airplane.




Have any needed items or tips we forgot to mention when preparing for a trip to Asia? Leave your advice in the comment section below.