Sandi Tropio was extremely familiar with the culture at Synergy Global Housing, having been a General Manager with the company almost five years ago. So when the opportunity to rejoin the organization as Synergy’s Los Angeles General Manager presented itself, Sandi jumped at the chance to rejoin her “corporate housing family.”

Sandi Tropio, Synergy General Manager, Los Angeles

“I think Synergy is simply the best,” Sandi says. “I just don’t think you can get better than Synergy. It’s the people, the passion, the creativity and innovation to provide custom solutions and be flexible for the customer.”

Sandi’s sentiments mean something coming from a corporate housing professional with almost two decades’ worth of industry experience. It’s also telling that the success Sandi experienced at her most recent position was inspired by the lessons she learned from her first experience at Synergy.

Family responsibilities originally led Sandi away from Synergy to take a position at a medical staffing agency, where she managed an in-house corporate housing program for relocating doctors and nurses. The top priority for Sandi was to cut expenses, but that didn’t require her to reduce the level of guest support services she provided.

“I knew we weren’t going to be able to provide housing in the same high-end apartments that Synergy has access to, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t approach our customer service and resident support services with the same level of passion as I saw at Synergy,” Sandi says. “One of the most attractive reasons for returning to Synergy, she says, is Synergy’s commitment to serving the individual guest. Sandi has worked for larger companies in the past, but those organizations were too big to move quickly or try new approaches to problem solving.

Synergy is large enough to manage global housing programs, but is committed to being agile and responsive to the needs of the individual guest.

“To be able to hear what the customer needs, and to be able to respond quickly is a huge benefit. If you take too long you can let down the client or lose out to a competitor,” Sandi says.

Listening to her customers and responding is Sandi’s primary focus as she begins her role as Los Angeles General Manager. Synergy’s mission is to work collaboratively with the customer. Actually listening to the client and responding appropriate is crucial when building new relationships and maintaining familiar partnerships.

Getting to know who Synergy’s clients are, and what their needs are, is the first step for fostering these relationships.

“So many people are trying to anticipate the needs of the customer or they’re blindly guessing what their needs are,” Sandi says. “If you don’t know, just ask. It’s really that simple. If you ask what someone needs, they will tell you because they want a solution. The challenge is determining how to deliver that solution and that’s what we do.”

If you or your organization need short-term furnished housing in the Los Angeles area, Sandi and the rest of the team at the Los Angeles Global Solutions Centre would like to work collaboratively to find the best possible housing solution.

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