Synergy Global Housing wants its guests to feel safe – both at home and on the road. This is especially true when traveling to an unfamiliar international destination. Please keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself in some foreign land.

8. Be prepared for a lost passport

Of all the things to lose on an overseas trip, you misplaced your passport?! It is smart to also bring along supporting documents to speed up
the replacement process and avoid the headaches and obstacles in trying to return home. Pack a photocopy of your passport or save a photo of your passport on your smartphone to keep your information ready.

7. Minimize your carry-ons

Do you really need your Costco membership card on your trip to Dublin? Chances are there isn’t an Irish Costco, and you wouldn’t need 48 rolls of toilet paper even if there was. Do an inventory of your wallet, eliminating any unnecessary credit cards and identification badges, before any business trip. Replacing stolen items is unpleasant – especially when those items could’ve stayed safe at home.

6. Write your destination address on your luggage

It’s a good idea to properly label your luggage to avoid seeing your bags get lost during the flight. But instead of labeling your home address, allowing everyone you come across to see where you are from, write down the address of the hotel you are staying at. That way the airline knows how to reach you, without the rest of the airport knowing as well.

5. Don’t put your business on display

High-end designer jewelry and luggage might make you feel fancy, but they also put a huge target on your back for pickpockets and criminals. Try to blend in with the locals with how you dress and act. Also, keep small amounts of cash at the ready and the rest hidden to avoid bringing attention to that big wad of cash you’re carrying around.

4. Understand where you are going

Every destination has its own personality, and understanding those differences can be the difference in making sure you’re safe during your travel. Visit the U.S. State Department’s website at, enter your international destination and receive up-to-date alerts, warnings and messages from the U.S. Department of State. Even if you’re not a U.S. citizen, the State Department is a terrific asset for knowing where you are and how to keep safe.

3. Use only one earphone

Plugging into your smartphone is a great way to disconnect from the chaos of business travel, but it can also create a dangerous situation if you’re not paying attention. Use only one earbud while navigating busy airport terminals to stay alert and plug the other ear in when you’ve boarded the airplane and arrived at your seat.

2. Share your itinerary

Whether for business or pleasure it’s always a good idea to share your plans with a trusted resource when traveling alone. Tell your friends and family at home what your daily schedule looks like, and let hospitality professionals (hotel concierges or managers) know where you’re headed and when you’ll be back for an extra set of eyes.

1. Have a photographic memory – or take photos

Everyone with a smartphone has a camera. Before heading out for the sights and sounds of your new surroundings, take photos of your hotel (both how to get to your room and how to get to the hotel), so that if you get lost you have a trail of pictures to lead you home – regardless of the local language.

Synergy doesn’t know all the tips for successful business travel, so we need your help. If we forgot any advice that you’d like to share, feel free to include your own personal travel victories in the comments section below.