Synergy Global Housing launched SYNC, a team of industry experts dedicated to serving the needs of Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), in May of 2016. In the eight months of existence, the SYNC team has helped reinforced Synergy’s reputation as a customer-focused provider of corporate housing and strengthened its RMC connection.

Synergy’s overall approach has always been to ask its customers what they need, listen to their feedback and respond with customized solutions. When Synergy spoke with RMCs and Mobility Managers, one thing it routinely heard was how different this industry was from the rest of the traditional corporate housing marketplace.

There are processes, policies, regulations and an emotional aspect that are unique to the relocation industry, yet many corporate housing providers continue to service these partners with the same approach as they do with travel managers. Synergy’s relocation industry customers were asking for a provider with the ability and experience necessary for providing the relocation industry a customized solution to their challenges.

“The whole purpose of SYNC was that we hand-picked a team within Synergy that had tenured experience working with relocation companies,” said Mary Younger, Synergy’s Vice President of Sales. “These individuals are better suited to making a connection with the relocation companies and teams. They truly understand the intricacies and behind-the-scenes activities of a relocation company.”

The SYNC Team

Susan Becker, Synergy’s Managing Director, Relocation Alliances (SYNC)

Synergy had considerable relocation acumen distributed across its existing service team. SYNC provided an avenue to combine this expertise in a department focused on the relocation industry. The team possesses more than 200 combined years of relocation experience, and dedicated this group to only serving Synergy’s RMC partners.

From the client’s perspective, not a lot appeared to have changed. Synergy representatives with relocation experience were already handling relocation accounts, so RMCs did not immediately notice the change. It wasn’t until the SYNC began delivering faster and more helpful responses did the RMCs take notice of the enhanced support.

“I’ve learned over the past few months that many companies have a difficult time getting the most basic temp housing questions answered,” said Susan Becker, head of SYNC and Synergy’s Managing Director, Relocation Alliances. “This is where SYNC provides tremendous value to both the corporate client as well as the RMC. We provide faster and more accurate responses because we rely on the skills and knowledge of dedicated individuals that have dealt with these challenges for several years already.”

Understanding the Emotions of Relocation

Peter Meyers, Synergy’s Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations

Relocation is frequently mentioned as one of the most stressful life events, and temporary housing is an important part of the relocation process. It is among the most emotionally difficult aspects for a transferee.

Actually leaving your home, watching all your stuff disappear and checking into an unfamiliar apartment with your family for only a short period of time can be an emotionally-charged situation. Synergy’s SYNC team is trained to handle every piece of the relocation puzzle and uses compassion and empathy when interacting with relocation counselors and the guest themselves.

“Because we’re only part of the relocation experience we want to make sure that we get our part correct every single time,” said Peter Meyers, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations. “Having a program like SYNC, and all the operational processes, the relational things that happen and that fall behind with it, allows for mutual growth. It allows the two sides to collaborate and achieve success together.”

The collaborative success of SYNC has occurred from putting skilled individuals in alignment with the needs of the relocation industry. They are better suited for making connections with these clients because Synergy truly understands the intricacies and behind-the-scene activities of relocation professionals that other corporate housing providers don’t even acknowledge.

SYNC Strengthens Synergy

Mary Younger, Synergy’s Vice President of Sales

Working so closely with RMCs, and their need for a housing provider with global scalability, aligned well with Synergy and its global supply chain approach.  SYNC works in conjunction with our global supply chain partnerships and helped solidify additional value to our customers. The combination of the new operational process and our differentiated partner philosophy makes Synergy a stronger organization.

Having an experienced team of professionals dedicated to relocation also enhances Synergy’s ability to serve both RMCs and its corporate clients better. It allows Synergy’s single point of contact approach to flourish because representatives are allowed to focus on clients with similar needs and challenges.

“There’s more accountability with the team,” Younger said. “Everyone on the team is experienced, and we move together to better serve our customers as a result.”

For more information about SYNC or Synergy’s housing programs designed specifically for the Relocation Industry, call (925) 807-1155.