In what is now becoming a trend, global sourced housing platforms are once again making headlines for the questionable actions of one of their hosts.

BuzzFeed News reported this week that a guest using an un-vetted temporary accommodations provider recently discovered a hidden surveillance camera disguised as a motion detector in one of its rental homes. The same article highlights two additional situations where guests have reported finding unauthorized surveillance equipment in their rented units.

This short-term leasing service is being noted for its hosts for failing to disclose any security cameras inside a listing, despite legal requirements to do so with consent from the guest. The scale of this hosting platform, and others with sourced inventories, makes its increasingly difficult to prevent this type of activity until a guest discovers this invasion of privacy and reports it to the company. Of course, this scenario is also problematic for victims not wanting to come forward with experiences due to fears of retaliation from independent hosts holding sensitive personal data such as full names, addresses and phone numbers.

These incidents only reinforce the importance of working with a well-established and trusted housing provider. The safety, security and privacy of guests is crucial to the services provided by Synergy Global Housing. We pride ourselves on doing our due diligence to ensure full compliance with all personal data and privacy laws, as well as providing a safe space for you and your family when life takes you away from home. Duty of Care is critical for Synergy is remain true to our customer-centric philosophy.

This goes not only for Synergy-leased housing options, but our supply chain of housing providers as well. Synergy has a developed a network of best-in-class partners who share in our customer-first approach. We verify these values by carefully vetting and on-boarding like-minded providers, which enable us to serve our customers in the most ethical ways.

We also conduct a thorough review process of all partners to guarantee our partnerships are culturally aligned with our values, and track their performance through a combination of analytical data, personal experiences and ability to deliver a safe and consistent guest experience. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring every guest is taken care of like family. This requires us to hold ourselves up to the highest possible ethical standards, as well as our entire supply chain.