UK based magazine Re:locate recently published an article online about how serviced apartments – what Europe and most countries outside the US refer to as their fully furnished apartments – drive savings for corporate stays over hotels. Now this may not be something new to our clients in California or throughout the US but this may a new concept when it comes to using temporary housing internationally.

The article sources an infographic developed by SilverDoor, a UK based serviced apartment provider and trusted partner of Synergy, which outlines the rising costs of hotels all over the world and the benefits of using serviced apartments as a hotel alternative. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Have you ever thought about using a Synergy apartment for your international travelers instead of a hotel?

Synergy currently serves our clients in over 32 countries across the globe and is committed to broaden our service area to new markets in order to serve our clients. We take pride in our due diligence process when choosing providers to partner with worldwide. Synergy’s philosophy is to partner rather than source and to build and nurture those relationships. This enables us to provide the same high quality service and product any where in the world. Synergy often starts this due diligence process with trips to the places where our clients have needs. In fact, our Senior Global Account Executive Colin just took a trip to Zurich to do just that (keep a look out for a future post on this!). This trip will give the Synergy team hands-on experience in the area and enable us to provide our clients with the best accommodation as well as advice on transportation and more.

Let us know what you think about serviced apartments abroad and their impact to your budget. Don’t forget to check out all of our international accommodations by visiting our website!