A wee little man dressed in green,
chasing rainbows is where he was seen
Crawling into the pot,
it was money he sought.
In this economy things are quite lean!

As part of the Irish heritage, I have felt it was my duty to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my fellow Irish men and women. Not only do I fully enjoy the festivities, but there is a sort of camaraderie that brings people together on such a holiday. What is St. Patrick’s Day really about? This beloved holiday that we have come to know as a celebration of the Irish heritage and culture,  is actually a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17th. It is named after St. Patrick, one of the most commonly recognized Patron Saints of Ireland who introduced his practicing religion to Ireland.

I’d like to introduce those of you who have ventured into a new location, the top three local hotspots that are great to meet new people and close to your new home within each of our core markets…


Johnny Foleys

1. JOHNNY FOLEY’S: There are so many reasons to pay Mr. Foley a visit. Located in the heart of the city, this lively pub houses a restaurant, live band, downstairs bar and dueling pianos! Jameson is a house favorite and if your friend isn’t wearing green, pay a few dollars for the dueling pianists to sing a tune or two about them!

2. KELL’S IRISH BAR AND RESTAURANT: A favorite of local San Franciscan’s, this pub islocated off Columbus in North Beach. This bar never misses a beat; In retrospect to most SF drinks, the prices are farely reasonable, staff is humorous and friendly, and the dance party never stops. Expect a $5-$10 cover this weekend to join the festivities, it will be well spent!

3. FIDDLER’S GREEN: My personal favorite. This intimate bar takes a quick turn at the stairs to surprise you with not only a larger bar, but an extensive dance floor. Grab your riverdance clogs and fine tune your jigs, because this place is a perfect mix of a low key socializing with a never ending ‘hooley’ (Irish slang for party).

Each bar is within a 1.5 – 3 miles radius of your current Synergy Property, whether your at Potrero Launch in the Dogpatch or Lofts at One Powell, a cab or quick walk will get you to any of these three locations.

For St. Paddy’s Day Festivals, Parades, or Parties visit:


Rosie McCann's

1. ROSIE MCCANN’S: Cead Mile Failte! – 100,000 Welcomes! The pub has always been a place of camaraderie; a place where friends meet new friends – and old… and Rosie McCann’s exemplifies the best in Irish hospitality!