Alana Cordano helps write letters of encouragement as part of a community service event organized by Plus Relocation at this year’s Worldwide ERC America’s Mobility Conference in Houston.

Synergy Global Housing sent a few company representatives to this week’s Worldwide ERC America’s Mobility Conference in Houston, but almost everyone had a hand in a community outreach event associated with the conference.

Led by our friends at Plus Relocation, Synergy engaged in a project to put together toiletry/hygiene packs at Houston’s Star of Hope Homeless Shelter. The packs will be distributed to homeless men, women and children in the area who are without basic necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and deodorant. Synergy also made a financial donation to Star of Hope, ensuring that the 5,000 care packs are delivered to those most in need of these basic survival items.

Also included in the packs were notes of encouragement hand-written by many members of the Synergy family. Most of the guests at Star of Hope don’t receive positive and uplifting mail. The notes and well wishes Synergy wrote will be placed in Star of Hope’s guest’s mailboxes or bunk beds to raise the self-esteem of those struggling with adversity.