Lifestyle and travel blogger Lisa Linh recently stayed in a Synergy apartment and was blown away!

Lisa stayed at Circa 37 in San Diego and got a first-hand lesson on how Synergy’s custom furnished housing options are the perfect alternative to the traditional hotel. In addition to the finer touches found in a Synergy unit, Lisa’s blog article highlighted her 3 favorite features:

  1. Plenty of privacy, lots of space, and a stress-free check-in
  2. A Synergy apartment has everything you need
  3. It’s perfect for all occasions

Of course, our favorite quote was the following:

Best part? They’re worldwide. From San Diego to London, you’ll be able to find accommodations for your short-term or long term stays. We love familiarity and being able to rely on the same company wherever you are is a huge relief to me!

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