A Holiday poem by Joan Mack

T’was the New Year arriving they called 2020
The plans for the year were buzzing a plenty

The budgets were done and business plans too
In hopes for the best year ahead and for clients anew
The teams were assembled and suppliers on board
To house all our interns as travel and relo plans soared

When out in the world there arose a pandemic
That caused a huge panic and chaos systemic
With what seemed like a minute, our lives changed overnight
And suddenly face masks and handwashing were the only things right

No dining, no airplanes, no socializing in crowds
It looked pretty bleak with no travel allowed
But with leadership strong with vision and sight
They called on us all to bring out our best and hold tight

Stephen and Debra, and Henry and Jack
Set out the vision for us all to fight back
Now Marketing, Now Sales, Operations and Supply
On Finance, On Housekeeping, On all those we rely!

Synergy is built on a foundation of passion and drive
And the message they offered assured we would thrive
OUR teams were amazing, they stood to the test
To fight through this virus and come out the best

Our clients were faithful, loyal and true
They knew Synergy would work for them too
Our partners and supply chain were all so supportive
To provide lease terms so flexible we got clients sorted

So as the year 2020 comes to a close
There are a few words we express to those
Associates, clients, supply chain AND Synergy friends
Who went above and beyond for months on end

Our gratitude and thanks could never be measured
For all that you’ve done for us and how you endeavored
We wish you the blessings a new year will bring
We look to a fresh start as in holiday spirit we ring

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Great Year
From the bottom of our hearts – Thank you and to you, Good Cheer!