Synergy Global Housing believes that supply chain partnerships are the foundation for creating long-term success and the most effective way of providing an elite level of customer service.

Because our objective is to be the best possible partner, Synergy held a Global Partner Symposium in Huntington Beach, CA, prior to the start of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) Annual Conference. This symposium brought together more than 60 selected providers from Synergy’s global supply chain partnerships to engage in a conversation about the future of corporate housing. Synergy assembled speakers from our Executive Team and Global Supply Chain leaders from our tri-regional service delivery teams.

“Synergy believes in transparency with its partners and presented our vision, outlook for 2017, review of our global supply chain process, SynergyQ, updates from our EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa and APAC (Asia Pacific) operationsand our new brand strategy”, said Peter Meyers, Synergy’s Executive Vice President, Global Marketing. “Synergy’s Global Partner Symposium is an inclusive event for us to come together to collaborate and examine ways to work better together. This level of clarity is essential to truly partner together effectively.”

The Global Partner Symposium presented the opportunity to engage face-to-face in order to build cooperation and strengthen our partnership. Companies that innovate through collaboration and trust win. The ability to work together through authentic business relationships is essential to long-term success for all involved parties.

The landscape for the Corporate Housing Industry is evolving rapidly, with organizations merging, technology evolving and the impact of the shared economy changing the needs and wants of its customer base.

This changing landscape provides the perfect opportunity for Synergy and its partners to grow into the future. Synergy wanted to use the Partner Summit as a way of tackling the current and future challenges of corporate housing as a collective. Issues such as quality assurance, arrival processes and apartment inspections were discussed, as well as ways technology can make these issues easier to manage and elevate the accepted industry standard.

Synergy’s global supply chain is built on the foundation of industry-best providers. We know we can elevate the guest experience through allied partnerships that share in similar values and deliver the same consistent standard of service. But balancing that consistency while maintaining each provider’s unique look and feel can be a challenge.

The Partner Symposium presented the ideal environment to discuss the need for shared values while allowing for creativity and originality for each individual provider. The importance of maintaining a consistent standard of quality is vital when managing a truly global supply chain, as regional nuances and accommodations dictate the available housing options. Culture shock doesn’t just apply to people, but the places those people call home as well. Synergy is committed to ensuring these expectations are accurately managed regardless of the destination.

“At Synergy, we believe we are better together and this serves as our mantra for our partner philosophy, said Meyers. “We believe we can elevate the guest experience through aligned partnerships with the world’s best housing providers. Our philosophy is that business relationships are based on mutual trust, openness, shared risk and shared rewards. We mutually create distinctive competitive advantage through this approach and make our companies better. We use proven supply chain methodology that delivers results providing value for customers in a model that supports our partnership philosophy.”