Eisenberg becomes the first hire for Synergy’s new office in New York City, marking the first physical footprint for Synergy on U.S. East Coast.

Rob Eisenberg, Synergy Global Housing General Manager, New York

Having been in corporate housing since 2009, there isn’t a whole lot that Rob Eisenberg hasn’t seen. As a Sr. District Manager for another serviced accommodations provider in the New York area, Rob has helped resolve almost every type of challenge that can affect his guests and corporate clients. But in his 9 years’ of experience, there was one task he was eager to take on – opening a brand new office.

This challenge has now been presented to Rob, as he was recently named the General Manager for Synergy’s new office in New York City. Synergy Global Housing has been servicing its customers’ needs in New York for almost two decades, but the establishment of this new office gives Synergy its first physical footprint on the United States’ East Coast. Rob becomes the first Synergy hire for this East Coast office, and he couldn’t be more excited to build our New York team from scratch.

Finding local experts with a deep understanding of housing in New York is key for Rob as he starts to assemble the Synergy team. Experienced professionals that understand the unique needs corporate travelers looking for accommodations in The Big Apple are crucial to supporting Synergy clients, but it’s also important for the New York team to be personable and welcoming to both our guests and each other as Synergy continues to foster our East Coast relationships.

“We’ve got a couple of people coming on board shortly, and they are going to really help us take off,” Rob says of the developing Synergy team in New York. “I’ve worked with people in the past that I’m really close with, and when you work with people you’re close with, you’re constantly collaborating on new ideas. When you work with and collaborate with people that you genuinely like, the communication is so much more frequent, and good things come from that.”

In addition to building a new team in New York, Rob is focused on obtaining a new portfolio of short-term serviced apartments to present to clients. As a serviced accommodations expert, with almost nine years’ experience serving the New York market, Rob understands the importance of an apartment’s location on the corporate stay experience. Being able to build an inventory of housing solutions with a completely clean slate gives Synergy’s customers an advantage few established New York providers can match.

“We’re not tied to any legacy inventory or preconceived notions about where our corporate customers want to be,” Rob says. “We’re an open book with limitless possibilities. When people tell me what they need and where they want to be, I get to work with a blank canvass to identify the best possible solution for the guest.”

Responding to the individual need of our guests is the centerpiece of our business philosophy. Rather than trying to direct our customers into a specific property for Synergy’s benefit, Rob is finding housing opportunities in New York based on the customer’s specific request. This flexible approach has Synergy going into certain neighborhoods Rob wasn’t expecting to build a collection of furnished apartments.

Rob wouldn’t have expected a heavy demand for housing in Manhattan’s Lower East Side based on his previous experiences in New York’s corporate housing market, but the hipster culture in Brooklyn has crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and is expanding into an emerging neighborhood of redevelopment.

“There’s a lot of new businesses coming into older buildings,” Rob says of the Lower East Side. “Our clientele is becoming more diverse, and the requests aren’t typical to what I’ve seen in the past. These guests want to be in a cool area with a rich selection of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries. They don’t have to be right next to their office, like the traditional corporate stay guest. I’m looking for options in the area they want to be in, and it’s taking us places I didn’t expect.”

For more information about our New York offerings, contact Rob Eisenberg at 1 800-600-1115 or email reisenberg@synergyhousing.com.

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