It’s easy to feel lonely when work takes you on the road. Relocation and business travel can easily lead to feelings of solitude. You’re often alone in a foreign and unfamiliar environment, and you can constantly feel like an outsider without family or friends to help navigate your new community.

Synergy Global Housing wants to make every guest staying in our serviced apartments feel like they’re staying in their home. So to help alleviate this sense of solitude, Synergy developed The Experience @Ironworks, an apartment community located in Sunnyvale, California.

Ironworks represents the first time an entire apartment complex is managed and serviced completely by Synergy. This means your neighbors are also living in a serviced apartment. The people living in your community are residents experiencing a similar situation.

Individuals feeling alone due to corporate travel can find an added layer of comfort in staying in a community where everyone, from the staff to the guests, understand the unique challenges faced by the residents.

Synergy hosts monthly resident events at Ironworks to help acclimate its residents and highlight the shared experiences of our guests. We recently held a St. Patrick’s Day party for March’s resident event. Several Ironworks guests attended the celebration, where an appetizer spread and drinks were served to all attendees. Scratch-off lottery tickets were also given out, with several Ironworks guests going home with a winner.

“It’s really neat to see people that don’t know each other coming together to socialize,” Synergy’s Community Relations Associate Dolores Estrada said. “It’s always nice to hear our guests provide feedback, but it’s even better when we get to watch our guests talk amongst each other about how their stay is going.”

The best part of the events, Estrada says, is watching the guests mingle and socialize. She sees the impact these gatherings have on bringing together the residents. Getting to know your neighbors is a part of the “home” experience. It’s also part of the Experience @Ironworks and the Synergy Difference.