Honoring 20 Years of Business and the Launch of Collaborative Living

Over 150 global mobility and executive travel managers from across the country converged on Menlo Park to help Synergy toast 20 years of business, and experience SynergySpaces, our new collaborative living concept.

“We continue to explore avenues to transform the hospitality ecosystem with a relentless pursuit of providing value through our people, product, and customer delivery. Now 20 years later, our commitment to provide a personalized experience for each guest is stronger than ever.”

Throughout the evening, guests toured our SynergySpaces concepts, dined on eclectic fare from Off-the-Grid, sipped on delicious craft cocktails, danced to the smooth sounds of the Brian Loud and Blue House, and raised a glass to Synergy and our two decades of serving the corporate traveler.

Synergy’s newest innovation, SynergySpaces, received wide-praise for its stylistic design—an aesthetic achieved through thoughtful collaboration and partnership with Fashion Furniture—and forward thought in combating a challenging housing market starved for affordable options in desirable high-cost locations.

“We think this is going to change the way people think about personal space and usher in a more fluid interaction between individuals and their community while giving them an affordable choice and opportunity to live where they want to live.”

For 20 years, Synergy’s innovative spirit has helped shape our ability to share a common vision with our clients and partners. We aim to evolve with their needs and aspirations to support a progressive, dithyrambic level of service and excellence. Thinking left-of-center in how we cater to the guest and their needs is and always will be a part of Synergy’s why and the value we deliver to our guests, clients, and partners.

In classic Synergy fashion, the evening ended with colleagues joined together by the roots of their profession bonding over friendship, discussing Synergy’s innate ability to shepherd the future of the guest experience forward.

To all who have and continue to trust Synergy with your greatest asset—your people—thank you for your trust in our company. On behalf of our worldwide team members, we are excited for what is in store over the next 20 years.