There are many reasons why people need flexible, extended-stay accommodations. Maybe you accepted a new role and need to relocate to a different city or even a new country? Perhaps you’re between leases? Maybe you’re building a home or having a substantial renovation and need somewhere for the family to stay away from the dust and noise.

Alternatively, you may have been the victim of flooding or fire, and you need a comfortable and private space to gather your thoughts and start to rebuild. Perhaps you need to be close to a loved one in the hospital for an extended period. If this is the case, our thoughts are with you as you navigate these challenging times.

Whatever your circumstances, we want you to know it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed with extended-stay options. The good news is that we’ve been providing a range of extended-stay accommodation services, or as commonly referred to, corporate housing, for over 20 years. We’ve created this post to help you understand some of the terms you might hear and outline what to expect inside the accommodation.

We promise that being informed will make you feel a whole lot better!

When someone talks about “corporate housing,” what do they mean exactly?

Working from home

Corporate housing is a catch-all term for fully furnished temporary housing.” It’s called this because corporations predominantly use these accommodations to house their relocating associates or business travelers. 

Designed to offer similar comfort and convenience as you’d find at home, away from home. Most of the accommodations are apartments ranging in size from a studio to three bedrooms. Every accommodation option will include furniture, housewares, and utilities. And it is not uncommon for providers to offer housekeeping services for an extra fee.

All in all, you’ll find highly competitive pricing, and often corporate housing is less expensive than a good hotel room.

To us, the most important thing is that corporate housing provides “a sense of home.” At Synergy, we strive to offer a combination of safety, security and comfort. Our goal is to help you remain productive while living outside your everyday environment. We support this goal with world-class hospitality services, locally knowledgeable staff to answer all your questions ahead of your stay, and 24/7 guest services to support your every need while staying with Synergy. 


Every industry has them, and the corporate housing industry is no different. You’ve probably heard some of the below terms before, but just to set the record straight, we wanted to clear up any confusion. 

  • Corporate apartments
  • Temporary housing
  • Serviced apartments 
  • Serviced accommodations 
  • Executive suites
  • Apart-hotel

It’s safe to say the above terms pretty much mean the same thing everywhere you go. Mostly, they all fall under the broad definition of “corporate housing.” Various parts of the world may have a slightly different take on what’s included and what’s not, but essentially, they all refer to the same thing; accommodations for individuals and families who need more than a hotel.

Corporate housing providers aim to make sure you have everything you need. Your accommodations will be move-in ready—just show up with your suitcase and personal items.

Over and above a hotel room

Most Corporate housing options are substantially bigger than a standard hotel room and, as noted above, come “fully furnished and equipped.” Not to mention, they commonly offer a kitchen, dining room table, and in some cases, a washer and dryer. These added elements aim to help you feel settled while giving you a bit more control to live your life on your terms while away from home. 

Generally speaking, corporate housing offers:

  • Private bathroom and kitchen facilities with washers/dryers either inside the accommodation itself or on-site. 
  • Bed linens to towels, glasses to coffee cups, bottle openers to potato peelers, salad bowls and platters, flatware, utensils, and a whole lot more. 
  • Smart TVs and Wi-Fi service are commonplace.
  • A dining table, chairs and a work desk are typically included.
  • In some locations, you’ll find business centers, gyms and even, on occasion, a pool/spa.

Settle-in and be comfortable

One of the benefits of choosing corporate housing is that the accommodations help you settle into your new location. When staying in corporate housing, you can actually exit the “visitor phase” of travel. You know, living out of suitcase, drinking coffee out of a paper cup and eating tired restaurant leftovers for lunch aspect of traveling that gets exhausting real quick.

There’s a sense of belonging that comes with staying in a proper corporate apartment which leads to you actually living in your new city. The idea is that your corporate housing accommodation is yours to make your own

Family coming too? No problem

As we’ve mentioned, corporate housing is designed to accommodate your needs. Whether your family consists of two kids, a dog, a cat and a hamster—most providers will work with you to find the best accommodation option to suit your needs. To us, this is where corporate housing really stands apart from other temporary or extended-stay accommodation options. The goal is to help you live your life where you are staying, not simply provide you with a place to sleep. 

Full size, fully equipped kitchens

Do you like experimenting with new ingredients or sticking to what’s familiar? An equipped kitchen gives you a choice

It’s great to have a restaurant meal or take-out now and again, but we all know it doesn’t work long-term. Eating out may also cause unnecessary stress, particularly if you have food allergies or specific dietary requirements. 

Your corporate housing accommodations are move-in ready with a fully equipped kitchen, which means the opportunity to cook with new local ingredients or just stick with the familiar is made easy. Not to mention, most providers will offer the option to purchase a welcome food starter kit so you can just show up to a full pantry. 

Is there parking?

Corporate housing often has secured parking areas if you’re considering traveling with your vehicle. Alternatively, your provider can give you details on car services that may offer a practical alternative, depending on your circumstances. 

Location, location, location

Corporate housing is all about convenience. Accommodations are commonly found near all the amenities you can imagine to help you live your best life while on the road. This includes job or school sites, grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, entertainment venues, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, dog parks and public transportation. When you have all the essentials of life right outside your door, you can quickly get comfortable in your surroundings, settle into your routine and make the most of enjoying your new location. 

We’re here to guide you through your corporate housing experience

Please think of us as your extended-stay housing advocate and counselor. Our experienced guest counselors live locally in the area they support, so they can offer expert advice on where you should consider living. 

We know moving or staying in a new location for an extended period can be overwhelming and requires adjustment. Please trust that Synergy is here to help you in any way we can. Our primary goal is to help you find the best possible accommodation solution that meets your needs. We’ll make your transition to your new location as straightforward as possible so you can focus on new challenges and the exciting times ahead.

We like to take care of our guests, and we’ve honed these skills for over two decades. We know that some people want to speak to a real live person, and some prefer to self-serve, so we give you the choice to communicate with us whichever way you choose.

We have corporate housing across the globe, so wherever you are headed, visit our website Synergy Global Housing to explore all that Synergy has to offer.