That Synergy’s corporate model, which emphasizes promoting green and sustainable processes and products, creates a seamless and comfortable experience which benefits our guests and our planet, now and well into the future? What are your personal or organizational goals to protect our earth? Hop on board on becoming a mean-green sustainable machine!

Synergy Corporate Housing has always sought to create an exceptional experience for each guest and client. From our hybrid concierge service vehicles Prius Iconto a paperless and efficient reservation process, we care about providing our clients with solutions that positively impact our environment as much as possible. Caring about the planet is simply an extension of that commitment. We’re proud to announce our greener, more sustainable corporate model because we believe simple, conscientious decisions are key steps to helping our planet, our guests and our future. Not only is supporting our planet smart, it aligns seamlessly with the rest of the Synergy experience and culture.

There are a number of new initiatives Synergy has implement in the past year including: No Paper Icona Paperless Program; the addition of many new LEED certified properties to our portfolio; the delivery of over 500 Eco-beds and 700 Welcome Binders to our apartments; the creation of a Mobile Concierge program using hybrid vehicles; and the switch to refillable toiletries in our California apartments. Share with us your goals to a greener way of life!