Anthony Gonzalez, Synergy Director of Business Development

Anthony Gonzalez, Synergy Global Housing Director of Business Development

Synergy Global Housing’s responsibility to help service the needs of corporate travel around the world leads up to some pretty exotic locations. That means Synergy’s team members are often put in the same shoes as the assignees and business travelers we serve every day. We learn from our own experiences and apply those lessons to how we help our clients and guests around the globe.

We’d like to introduce a new series on the Synergy Global Housing Blog, What’s in the Bag?, a look at our traveling team members luggage, and some of the packed items that are necessities for their travels. Some are serious tips, and others are fun items designed to break up the monotony of business travel.

Anthony Gonzalez, Synergy’s Business Development Director, is currently in the middle of a 2-week business trip to Europe. The trip will be a mix of client meetings, property inspections and stereotypical tourist activities. To take full advantage of his first European business trip, Anthony made sure to pack all the essentials for a successful visit.

Here are five items Anthony included in his luggage to survive the flight and be prepared for two weeks abroad:

European Power AdapterEuropean Electrical Outlet Converter – The shape of an electrical plug is different in Europe compared to its counterparts. British or Irish outlets have three rectangular prongs and are not compatible with American power devices. Anthony packed a converter that will allow his US-based devices to get a charge from European outlets.



Portable Battery

External Battery Charger – Anthony’s itinerary is already filled with property inspections, client meetings and a tour of the Guinness brewery. Sitting in one spot to charge a depleting electronic device is not an option. To ensure that there is a backup plan, Anthony packs a mobile charger to power through his trip.



HeadphonesNoise Canceling Earphones – Focus will definitely be needed for a marathon flight. Whether needing silence for a midflight nap or to concentrate on preparing for that business presentation, Anthony made sure to bring along his noise canceling earphones to focus on the business at hand during his trip across the Atlantic.



LaptopLaptop with Preloaded Movies – Trapped on an airplane with no internet for 12 hours? No problem when you plan ahead. Anthony prepared for the long flight by downloading several of his favorite movies to watch on his laptop during his trip.



Snacks for the flightSnack pack prepared by fiancé – Anthony’s trip separated him from his fiancé on Valentine’s Day. To keep his mind on what’s important, Anthony’s bride-to-be packed him a special supply of healthy snacks to keep his energy up while making sure he still looks good for his springtime wedding.


Got any needed items or tips we forgot to mention when preparing for a trip to Europe? Leave your advice in the comment section below.