Introduction to our Guest Blogger: Debbie Visovsky has been working at Synergy for nine years.  She started off as a Guest Service Representative and was then promoted to an Account Executive.  She is currently our Special Project Coordinator and Inventory Manager.  She is also the San Ramon office’s unofficial home baker, cake decorator and Food Coordinator/Consultant.  She recently spent 4 days in Los Angeles at our featured property, The WaterMarke Tower, during which time she attended the 64th Primetime Emmy Award’s Red Carpet Event.  She is our guest blogger this week and will share some of her favorite photos from the Red Carpet.

This is the 6th year that I have had the privilege of attending the Red Carpet Event at the Emmys.  I go with my friends Jennifer, Patty, and Susan.  It is a complicated annual trip that is never guaranteed as our seats depend completely on the lottery, hosting television channel, and pure luck.

We stayed at The WaterMarke Tower in downtown Los Angeles.  This building is PHENOMENAL.  It is as LA as LA gets with the modern and chic atmosphere.  The basement is full of glitz and glamour.  Level 7 has a gorgeous pool and a lovely Zen Garden.  We stayed on the 18th floor of this 35 floor building and had a wonderful view.  There was a Starbucks and Ralph’s across the street – very convenient!

The dining table with spectacular views.

The living area in the apartment, complete with HD TV.

The amazing night-time view of Downtown LA from our balcony.

The first year we attended the Emmys Red Carpet Event, we sat all cute and quiet and just took pictures.  The following year we learned that if we holler people’s names and ask to take their picture then we will get outstanding personal photos of the stars actually looking at us.  By the third year we started to have conversations with the celebrities.  The four of us are extremely enthusiastic people and have hilarious photos of our favorite stars first waving with a bright smile, which quickly changed into looks of slight concern.  We are currently up to the point where we can get our entire section to chant a celebrity’s name to get them to look at us.

This year the bleachers were along one long section of the Red Carpet, right at the entrance, and only went three rows deep.  We sat front and center, directly across from Entertainment Tonight’s booth and near the E Live and ABC booths.  We sat behind the E Countdown hosted by Kelly Osborne, Giuliana Rancic, and George Kotsiopoulos from E’s Fashion Police.

View from where we sat on the Red Carpet!

We were right behind the “E” countdown.

The Red Carpet packed with stars!

The stars started showing up around 2:00 PM and by 3:00 PM the carpet was packed.  We hollered and waved and took pictures for two hours straight in very hot 102 degree weather.  I felt so bad for the men in their dark, heavy suits and the women in their long, heavy gowns and make-up.  It is always fun to see the celebrities in person.  They are usually much thinner and prettier/more handsome, believe it or not!  This year I was very excited to see Michael J. Fox and Tom Hanks.  Jimmy Fallon wins for Friendliest Celebrity and, therefore, is always a Fan Favorite.  Lucy Liu and Julianne Moore win for Most Beautiful.  Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum, and Padma Lakshmi are about a foot taller than everyone else on the red carpet and are absolutely stunning.  I thought Leslie Mann was the Best Dressed along with Ginnifer Goodwin.  Worst dressed was Claire Danes (Sorry!  I know she is pregnant but that is NO excuse for such an unflattering frock!) followed by Elisabeth Moss. Here is a gallery of my favorite pictures I took from the event.

We had such a great time in Los Angeles at Watermarke, and of course on the red carpet at The Emmy Awards! This year was an experience I will never forget. I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and my pictures. Did you watch The Emmy Awards? Who are your favorite actors and actresses? Who did you think took best dressed? Please share your thoughts and comments with us in the section below!