Corresponding with a few new Synergy units in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we are excited to create a tour guide for any and all of our guests who might find themselves in this town in New England known best for the Ivy league college, Harvard, which calls it home.

The Harvard Book Store in Harvard Square.

Cambridge is a true gem in Massachusetts. Boston neighbors this city of over 100,000 residents, but there is enough to do in Cambridge alone that makes a trip into the capital an afterthought. To begin your day, start by walking around the Harvard campus and check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This kid-friendly museum is best known for its dinosaurs and amazing exhibit of over 4,000 glass flowers. After you’ve gotten your learn on, venture into the bustling Harvard Square, which includes the infamous Harvard book-store and some great shopping.  If you are hungry, stop for lunch at the trendy Wagamama Noodle Bar, which originated in London but recently opened a few locations in the Boston area. Order the Yaki Soba or Yasai Katsu Curry, and wash it down with a fresh juice. You won’t be disappointed.

Views of Boston from the Charles River.

In the afternoon, make your way to the Charles River and soak in some views of Boston. If you are feeling energetic, crossing the river on one of the many footbridges is a quintessential thing to do in this city. Or, just set up under a shady tree and watch the activity on the river. Keep an eye out for the crew teams from Harvard & MIT, and watch for the boats of the world famous Boston Duck Tours.

When dinner time rolls around, head to the Miracle of Science Bar & Grill, for an amazing burger and pint. The crowd here is what you would typically expect to find in an intelligent college town; a mixed crowd of geek-chic, artsy folk, and musicians all enjoying themselves make this an ideal place to casually grab dinner and have some intellectual conversations.

The funky and independent Brattle Theater.

After dinner, head to the Brattle Theater, a beautiful and funky independent movie theater which is known for its repertory program of showing films for an extended period of time that all fit a particular genre or subject. If you are interested in seeing a classic or foreign film, Brattle Theater should be where you look first.

To round out your perfect day in this New England city, grab a pint at The Druid, a stellar Irish pub. Cambridge has always had a large Irish population, and they know how to create a token Irish pub experience. With a full day of sight-seeing, shopping, and eating behind you, we hope you have enjoyed your day in Cambridge!

Did you do something not included on this list, or stumble upon an unmentioned restaurant or experience? Don’t forget to share your find with us in the comments section, and stay tuned for our next tour-guide!