Part of what makes Synergy Global Housing so special is the importance we place on building quality relationships.

Paula Millard, Director of Operations

From how we customize our service delivery to our guests to how we work collaboratively with our supply chain partners, everything that defines the Synergy difference is based on our personal relationships.

The ability to focus on fostering strong relationships was one of main reasons Synergy brought in corporate housing expert Paula Millard to be its Director of Operations. Paula, an industry professional with more than 20 years’ of experience, comes to Synergy after serving as a District Manager/Acquisitions Manager for another serviced accommodations provider.

“Paula is an extraordinary leader that is passionate about serving at the highest level,” Synergy President Debra Christopher says. “She is an amazing mentor that inspires her team every day, and I am excited to see the results of her leadership on our entire organization.”

And Debra Christopher knows all about Paula’s leadership and mentoring capabilities. After beginning her career in property management, Paula transitioned into the corporate housing industry as a District Manager, where Debra became her supervisor and professional mentor. The guidance and support she received from Debra and others during the late 1990s and early 2000s helped shape her approach to management, and now Paula is ready to return the favor.

“There are so many impressive women leaders in this industry that are serving as President or running their own company right now,” Paula says. “They were all role models for me, and that’s what I want to be for the team at Synergy. Having a leader that manages with their mind and their heart is really important. That’s what I’ve seen with Debra and other great leaders. In my opinion, that’s where the magic happens.”

One of the most important lessons Debra instilled in Paula was the importance of accountability and credibility in leadership. Consistently ‘walking your talk’ and delivering on your promises is crucial to establishing credibility and building personal connections built on mutual trust. It’s an approach that Paula uses when building relationships in her new role.

The focus Paula places on building strong relationships extends beyond the Synergy office and touches every aspect of her work. As Director of Operations, Paula will be working closely with property management companies and supply chain partners to identify the optimal housing solution for each of Synergy’s guests. Relying on strong partnerships will make Synergy more efficient on continuing to deliver best-in-class furnished accommodations that are customized to the individual client.

“When you customize a housing program, it adds a whole different level to everything,” Paula says. “From product to service and delivery, everything takes more effort when you tailor these accommodations to the individual. To pull it off the way Synergy does is pretty impressive.”

While customizing Synergy’s offerings to the specific needs of our guests adds additional steps to the operations side of furnished housing, Paula understands its importance on employee recruitment and relocation process.

“We feel that when our clients hire us, there is an expectation that the housing is an extension of their organization’s culture,” Paula says. “This will come in the form of the style and look of the apartment, location, product quality and service levels. Our product and performance is a reflection of how that company takes care of its employees. It is our mission to make sure we meet those expectations.”