Ensuring safety is one of Synergy’s biggest responsibilities. This goes for not just our guests, but our employees as well.

Several members of our in-the-field housekeeping crew recently brought up a challenge they were facing when preparing apartments for guests. As soon as we were made aware of this challenge, we took rapid steps to turn this challenge into a learning opportunity.

Managing a global corporate housing company means having an amazing team of field representatives dedicated to ensuring clean and comfortable housing experiences spread throughout large geographic regions. Because Synergy does not use a cookie-cutter approach to corporate housing, each apartment community (and often each unit within that community) are different and present different challenges.

Synergy apartments vary in size and layout, and our furniture isn’t one-size-fits-all. We provide customizable housing solutions based on the unique needs of each individual guest and apartment home.

Our housekeeping crew brought up the challenges they faced of preparing bedding for a few units with exceptionally heavy mattresses, and the difficulties of managing 100-pound mattresses when working solo.

Recognizing this as priority, Synergy President Debra Christopher created a taskforce consisting of our multi-site operations team and furniture providers to discuss possible solutions. Our partners, realizing the issue, agreed to exchange the heavier mattresses in favor of bedding that weighed half as much, yet providing the same comfort levels.

We then began looking for alternate methods to maintain the look and feel of our designer bed skirts that would not require the mattresses be completely removed off the bedframe. This would reduce the time and effort required by our team members and (more importantly) improve safety.

Through the collaborative strategy session, we developed several innovative solutions to this safety issue. We are excited to begin 2017 experimenting with these ideas to find the safest environment to continue bringing our guests the best possible experience in the corporate housing industry!

Has your company faced (and solved!) similar challenges? We would love to hear about your solutions in the comments!