Synergy Global Housing wants to not only give its guests a beautiful furnished apartment, but we want our guest to FEEL beautiful, as well.

Makeup artist Carl Ray. Photo courtesy Matt Farrington Photography.

We had the opportunity to provide that sense of beauty by partnering with celebrity makeup artist Carl Ray at a client event in San Diego. Ray, who has been responsible for all of Michelle Obama’s official appearances during her time as First Lady, applied his world-famous makeup skills to several invited guests. The ladies in attendance received a professional makeup session and had headshots taken for their LinkedIn profiles.

“It was almost like we were having a slumber party like a bunch of little girls,” Synergy Account Executive Rochelle Tirado said. “Everyone was super excited and we were all blown away when we saw the photos.”

Synergy is constantly servicing business travel and global mobility, so helping our clients present themselves professionally on LinkedIn seemed like a natural fit for a client event.

In addition to the make-up session and photo shoot, attendees were able to get an up-close look at a Synergy furnished apartment. Bathrobes, champagne and appetizers were brought into a San Diego housing solution to create a truly spa-like setting.

“It was a wonderful way for people to come, relax and be pampered by Synergy,” Synergy General Manager, San Diego Global Solutions Centre, MJ Myers said. “We laughed. We talked. We had a lot of fun, but we were still able to showcase how Synergy can help business professionals, both in San Diego and around the world.”

More information about Carl Ray, his work and his client list can be found at his website.

Onsite photography courtesy of Matt Farrington Photography.