With America’s birthday right around the corner, Synergy put together a list of remedies for those homesick, wary business travelers spending their holiday away from their love-ones and BBQ buddies. We hope our how-to suggestions ease that aching, gut-wrenching feeling of being stuck away from those that matter most.

First and foremost, don’t think the homesick flu isn’t going to get you. “I don’t get homesick. I am strong and confident, and I actually like my alone time,” said the business traveler whimpering over a family photo in the corner of a furnished two-bedroom Synergy unit in downtown LA. 

Image courtesy of Min An and Pexels.

Preparation is the key to staving off those irking feelings of being left-out and lonely, and the answer to living your best self while away during the holidays. So, prepare mentally and make plans with people around you and your loved ones back home.

**Pro-tip—virtual hang-outs such as watching the same movie, playing card games, and making the same recipe together can quench aspects of the homesick flu. Furthermore, you’d be surprised how uplifting it is to wear matching clothes with loved ones while spread out across the globe. Synergy employs this tactic to help our global offices and team members stay connected.

Schedule Facetime or video calls on Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. A well-timed video call will color any blue mood the rosy hue of Synergy red. We recommend you send your invitations ahead of time to help ensure service issues don’t add frustration to the homesickness. Planning affords a business traveler and their family the luxury of WIFI enabled quality—a must if you want to keep that sickness in check.

Well-timed MEMEs, and clever GIFs on family group chats go a long way to inducing the homesick curing effect of a deep tummy chuckle. Modern social media platforms offer a multitude of ways to set up an interactive communication thread full of augmented reality tricks, funny stickers, and imaginative EMOJIs. These platforms are interactive and intuitive, so encourage all family members to get involved, even those family members who are a little tech-challenged. The key to keeping those tear-inducing moments of loneliness at bay is the collective love of the entire family.

**Pro tip—Facebook Messenger allows you to text, call, and video chat all with amazing interactive AR capabilities. Check it out and let us know your favorite feature in the comments section. We would love to pass your tips along to other wary business travelers.

Make yourself adoptable! Sometimes being away from family is just as hard on your family as it is on you. (And sometimes it’s a vacation! But that’s another post.) If your family knows and believes you are happy and having a great time, it affords them the freedom to feel less guilty while they have their own fun without you.

Start today and ask your co-workers about their plans, their favorite BBQ food, and hot dog condiment. Just don’t forget to make the ask! Most co-workers love to invite an out-of-town guest to a local party, just don’t show up empty-handed.

Send a gift ahead of time to let your family know you are thinking of them. Sending a gift will attack those homesick blues on three fronts: first, when you send it out, you will feel great knowing a surprise is on the way to your loved ones; second, when your loved ones receive it they will be so excited you will get you excited with them, and third when your loved ones actually enjoy your gift you will feel a deep satisfaction of contributing to their holiday.

If you are really feeling yourself, you can always send a life-sized cardboard cut-out of yourself. Your family and loved ones will love it! They can have a ton of fun with the cardboard you. Your loved ones can pretend to have a conversation with you, paint your face, dress you up; and, you will still be in all the family Instagram and Facebook photos (checking all the boxes there!).

Image courtesy of www.cardboardcutoutstandees.com.

In the event, you don’t fit in the family category
quite yet, we recommend:

Venture out of your unit and partake in some local fun and sightseeing. Synergy furnished accommodations are strategically placed in communities that support an excellent work-life balance. Get out there, meet some locals and experience your new community!

**Pro-tip—Check out Synergyhousing.com for all you need and want in the local community near your unit. Our interactive neighborhood maps will tell you where the nearest park, restaurant, shopping center, or movie theater is located.  

Ask the front desk associate if they don’t mind setting up a sign-up sheet for a joint meal for other potential homesick residents. Maybe a touch brazen, yet most Synergy unit operators will be more than happy to help you connect with fellow homesick-en travelers. Pot-lucks are a great way to connect and discover fresh takes on the traditional flavors of Independence Day.

There you have it. While we know it isn’t the cure-all for those inevitable dips that accompany business travel, we firmly believe, with a little planning, foresight, creativity, and willingness—you can and will bridge the longest of long distances on your Independence Day.

Happy Birthday, America!

Synergy travelers—be safe and enjoy the globe!