Choosing the right serviced accommodation provider is no easy task. There are many factors to consider as you evaluate your temporary housing program’s provider(s). As we noted in a recent blog post titled Corporate Housing Needs a Trust Fall Exercise, before you can develop confidence in a provider, an act we believe only comes from first-hand experience, there must be trust. And often, that first act of trust requires a leap of faith.

While reputation and references definitely help qualify a provider’s capability, making that leap of faith a bit easier to take, those two factors can be affected by bias and subjective experience.

What if there was some type of evidence or track record to help bolster those feelings of trust? Something objective to make that leap of faith, just a bit more secure…

The Value of Industry Recognition

We believe industry awards are that magic, objective form of proof with the power to enable those first seeds of trust to take root and eventually grow into a fruiting relationship and, with time, a mutually beneficial partnership.

Late last week, Synergy received the distinct honor of earning two awards in two days from two prestigious organizations in the serviced accommodation space.

On Thursday, the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) awarded Synergy, Corporate Housing Provider of the Year (as well as a shortlist for Outstanding Agility & Crisis Management as a Service Provider). And on Friday, Relocate Global, as a part of the 2021 Relocate Awards, announced Synergy earned “highly commended” in the Best Serviced Apartment Provider – Regional / Global category.

The FEM and Relocate wins come on the heels of two CHPA Tower of Excellence awards won early this March, marking the 10th and 11th industry award Synergy’s won in the last 14 months!

Notably, during the same period, Synergy has won “Corporate Housing Provider/Business of the Year” or some deviation of that award category from four of the industry’s major awarding bodies (FEM, CHPAASAP, and Relocate Magazine in 2020.) This award total doesn’t even count the dozens of partner and supplier awards Synergy received during the same time.

While winning these awards comes with immense pride, the recognition represents something more significant and more tangible. These awards represent objective proof of Synergy’s product and service quality, and, most importantly, they act as an indicator of the level of value Synergy delivers to its guests, clients, and partners. We believe this value translates to trust in product and service delivery and further enhances the relationship between the service provider, client, and the end-user, which in our case, is the guest.

And that enhanced relationship is the beauty and actual value of these awards. For when you have a trusting, honest relationship with your guests, clients, and partners, you are able to transcend the transactional nature of the provider, recipient relationship—the status quo—and reach towards higher levels of satisfaction and a mutually beneficial partnership.

Since 1999, Synergy sought to deliver a hospitality product and service package that grew with the needs of our guests, clients, and partners. We strive to be more than providers in everything we do and instead seek and pursue a relationship based on partnership.

As we let the pride of these industry awards sink in, we are filled with gratitude for the trust and continued partnership we share with our guests, clients, and partners. It is our hope these awards offer just that little bit extra to know your most valued asset, your team members, are in award-winning, trustworthy hands. Thank you to all the industry bodies and organizations that take the time and effort to recognize and facilitate this valuable aspect for our industry.