Synergy Global Housing’s Executive Leadership Team presented awards to selected Synergy team members who have gone above and beyond in their performance during the previous year. These awards were presented at year-end events at each of Synergy’s global offices. The winners for 2016 are:

2016 Synergy Award Recipients

Office of the Year

EMEA – Dublin

The first characteristic we look for when awarding Office of the Year is an exceptional financial performance. Synergy’s Dublin office succeeded in this area with impressive results, not just by managing numbers, but by personifying Synergy’s core values. There are a lot of countries and languages to manage when serving the EMEA region, but the collaborative spirit displayed by the entire 9-person team manages to consistently overcome these challenges to delight our guests and clients.

Customer Service Office of the Year

San Diego

Our San Diego team was honored with the Customer Service Award due to their ability to consistently provide one of the best customer service experiences in the organization. This office routinely delivered impressive scores on customer surveys measured by Synergy and our clients. The San Diego office has a unique ability to adapt to challenges and consistently deliver amazing customer support in true Synergy fashion.

Partner Awards

Suzanne Smith – General Manager, EMEA

The success of Synergy’s EMEA office made it an easy choice for Office of the Year, and Suzanne’s team leadership was a huge reason for that achievement. Suzanne has done an exceptional job managing the EMEA region in 2016. She focuses on quality and delivers it in a manner that exceeds expectations. She is continually looking for ways to improve the organization, her team, and the service center overall. She is a caring and motivational leader that is committed to growing our global footprint. The future of Synergy in EMEA continues to look bright due to her and her team’s approach.

Monica Custodio – Guest Service Representative, NorCal

A Guest Service Representative is supposed to conduct Meet-and-Greets and Property Orientations, but Monica’s commitment to customer service and her willingness to go above and beyond is an inspiration to the entire organization. She has routinely dedicated herself to working with guests on an individual basis to ensure each arrival feels comfortable in their new home, and that devotion is truly impressive.

Cultural Ambassador Award

Lisa Cantello – Business Development Manager, Los Angeles

Lisa’s teamwork, kind approach, amazing positive attitude and accomplishments are reflected in the office culture that exists in Synergy’s Los Angeles office. She never takes credit for her team’s successes and consistently sends positive feedback regarding the work of her teammates. Her clients instantly connect to her because of her ability to stay true to her authentic self. Her attitude gives our entire organization the reputation that we hire the best in the industry and have a competitive edge over our competitors.

Liliana Cerpas – Guest Service Representative, Residential Services

Lili is a great team player that has become a key part of the success of Residential Services. She has assumed the responsibility of running the warehouse’s daily morning meetings and helped ensure an outstanding communication loop between Residential Services and the San Ramon office. Because of her solid grasp of her responsibilities, Lilli has taken on a leadership role with helping her teammates overcome the challenges that pop up within the office. She has great passion for what she does and her devotion to her team goes above what is expected.

Exemplary Service Award

Lawrence Olson – Resident Services Coordinator, Seattle

Lawrence never hesitates to take on any task or views any challenge as too difficult to overcome. It was a natural decision to have Lawrence lead Synergy’s expansion into Seattle due to his can-do attitude. His patience, attentiveness and clear communication skills are already paying off as we move into the Pacific Northwest. He has developed strong relationships with all of our suppliers, while maintaining a positive and friendly attitude.

Business Development Manager of the Year Award

Anthony Gonzalez – Business Development Director, NorCal

With his customer-focused style, Anthony has become one of Synergy’s most successful Business Developers. Rather than simply trying to sell a product, Anthony starts the sales process by attentively listening to the needs and concerns of his contacts, and tries to find a solution that allows both Synergy and the client to succeed. His has aligned so well with the culture of Synergy and its sales team that he was promoted to Business Development Director earlier this year.

Innovator Award

Travis Summers – Marketing Project Specialist, NorCal

This award was presented to Travis for his creative perspectives and drive for pushing us toward new approaches to problem solving. He has become a tremendous asset due to his writing skills, work ethic and positive attitude.


Rookies of the Year Award

Rochelle Tirado – Account Executive, San Diego

Upon her arrival at Synergy, Rochelle immediately fit in with the San Diego team and exhibited the skillset of a 10-year veteran. Rochelle’s customer service skills are exemplary, and she is one of the friendliest people, always arriving with a smile on her face and a happy greeting for all of her co-workers. Her impact on the San Diego office is positive and inspiring.

Camille Lis – Account Executive, EMEA

Using her background of working in a 5-star hotel, Camille has shown a natural talent for providing a high level of customer service and nurturing clients on an individual basis. She took on high-performance clients from the start of her time at Synergy without hesitation, and we have received several unsolicited compliments from these contacts due to her outstanding attention to detail and service.

Anniversary Honorees


Idalina Garcia – Apartment Specialist II, Residential Services

Sherly Solorzano – Apartment Specialist II, Residential Services


Graciela Guerrero – AR/Billing Specialist, NorCal

Claudia Miranda Luna – Account Payables Specialist, NorCal

Lisa Sierra-Jaime – Global Account Manager, NorCal

Susan Becker – Managing Director (Relocation Alliances), NorCal

Maricela Betancourt – Apartment Specialist I, Residential Services

Lillian Jiron Lopez – Apartment Specialist I, Residential Services

Patricia Merino Cortez – Apartment Specialist I, Residential Services

Maria Oseguera Lopez – Apartment Specialist II, Residential Services

Alondra Zepeda – Apartment Specialist I, Residential Services