The Ascott Limited, a wholly-owned serviced residence subsidiary of CapitaLand, one of Asia’s largest real estate companies, has acquired a majority stake in Synergy Global Housing.

Synergy is always looking at what’s next for corporate housing. Without an eye on the future, it would be impossible to anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver best-in-class serviced accommodations. It is this philosophy that led Synergy to its recently-announced agreement with The Ascott Limited that will strengthen our international reach and open up new opportunities for Synergy, Ascott and – most importantly – our customers.

The essential takeaway for our clients is that Synergy will remain true to our customer-centric philosophy. Ascott wanted to expand its presence in the U.S. and transform its operational platform globally to enhance its competitiveness and customer reach. A partnership with Synergy delivers solutions through the strength of the Synergy brand and track record of success. Co-Founders, Henry Luebbert and Jack Jensky retain 20% ownership in the company, and our existing leadership team will continue to lead Synergy for the long term. Synergy is now an independent subsidiary of Ascott.

For Synergy, all things start with our customers. This partnership allows Synergy to better serve our customers and retain what makes Synergy such a special company. As an Ascott subsidiary, Synergy has greater resources, an expanded global footprint and a capital business partner aligned with our philosophy, mission and core values. This partnership will provide incredible competitive advantage by combining Ascott’s extensive real estate portfolio with Synergy’s relationships and operational platform.  Simply, through this partnership, Synergy and Ascott will transform the hospitality eco system – together.

“Synergy’s expediential 18-year growth within the furnished housing space has been fueled by our future-forward innovation and immense passion for the customer,” Synergy co-founder Henry Luebbert said. “We will be able to build upon Synergy’s deep knowledge and close relationship with our corporate customers through this collaboration with Ascott, as we continue to also work with our strong network of partners to secure the right accommodations for our clients.”

“We will stay as true to the philosophy we’ve always had,” Synergy Co-founder Jack Jensky said. “Ascott’s acquisition gives us a competitive advantage by growing our global footprint and providing our customers more high-quality international serviced accommodation options to our U.S.-based clients. This is a natural partnership for both Ascott and ourselves, bolstered by a common vision to provide best-in-class accommodations alongside the highest level of customer service.”